A Natural and "Patent Supported" way to manage your A1C!

Dr. Prasad conducted 17 lectures to military scientists and worked with Congress for two years to gain approval for the funding necessary to complete the scientific validation process for Micro Daily. Six years and 14 clinical studies later, Dr. Prasad successfully demonstrated that Micro Daily is indeed the world’s most scientifically validated supplement.


6 years of testing, 9 months of safety testing with the U.S. Military Internal Review Board, 14 total clinical studies — including 7 human trials, $12.5 million funding from the U.S. Congress, Over $24 million total invested to develop and validate Micro Daily, 7 U.S. Patents awarded to Dr. Kedar Prasad, Ph.D.

Micro Daily EMF
The World’s Most Scientifically-Validated Micronutrient Supplement

Dr. Kedar Prasad Ph.D
“Build a community of wellness by inspiring, enhancing, and defending human health – one life at a time.”

My Philosophy

We all care so much about what we put in our bodies, but when it comes to vitamins, we still rely on blind faith.

Do you know who formulated your vitamins?

Too often, companies hide who formulated their products. Dr. Prasad puts his name on all his products so that you can know that they meet his exacting standards of excellence.

Dr. Prasad's secret to formulating great products is called CQF. This standard was developed over his 40+ years of meticulous research. When you see Dr. Prasad Ph.D.'s CQF seal, you can rest assured that the product is formulated with the Right Combination, the Right Quantity, and the Right Form of ingredients that will deliver life changing results.

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Engage Global's products DO, however, address our deficiencies and provide our bodies with the nutrition we are lacking.

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